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COORP Researchers Cooperation Platform, Capacity Building

Platforma e Bashkëpunimit të Kërkuesve COORP, Ngritja e Kapaciteteve

On 8 June 2016 was organized the Conference “COORP Researchers Cooperation Platform, Capacity Building”, training researchers from 11 universities on International Calls for research projects identification, project assessment, networking and research consortium building.


The Centre for Innovation, Development and Research at the Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT) and the European University of Tirana (UET) have initiated a new intervention for the establishment of COORP – Collaborative Offline and Online Platform. This pilot intervention is supported by PERFORM, a project funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). This intervention was presented to PERFORM by Fabjan Lashi (CIT – Bio) and Blerjana Bino (UET – Bio), who are now both working for its implementation starting from April 2016.


The overall aim is to assist in networking and integration of the Albanian academic community into the international community of researchers, and to respond efficiently to Calls for research funding. COORP has two dimensions: a) the capacity development or offline dimension; and b) the set of the platform or the online dimension. More concretely, the specific objectives of COORP are:


To provide networking possibilities, trainings and information on European and other funding opportunities for researchers in Albania, mainly from social sciences and related fields;


To create an information-sharing online platform the “COORP”, which will meet and match calls and researchers for the application; provide access to the documentation and procedures for application and partnership facilitation; offer consultancy service for the above;


To gather information on diaspora researchers, by contacting and registering them, as an added value for the initiative. More details : http://coorp.al/coorp-collaborative-offline-online-research-platform-100-p