MEET OUR PROFESSOR | Dr. Nevila Xoxa (Resulaj)

MEET OUR PROFESSOR | Dr. Nevila Xoxa (Resulaj)

An accomplished professional with extensive experience in Information Technology, Research, and Education, Dr. Nevila Xoxa (Resulaj) is currently serving as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering at CIT.

Dr. Nevila holds a Ph.D. in Informatics from the University of Tirana and has completed numerous certifications and training programs in areas such as computer science, network security, and project management.

Her journey began in the field of technical support in electronics and telecommunications equipment.

Subsequently, she transitioned into research and project management roles, spearheading significant digitization projects in Albania’s cultural and commercial sectors. Her expertise includes programming, project management, and operational leadership in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services.

Apart from her professional endeavors, Dr. Nevila has made substantial contributions to academia, at various universities and educational institutions in Albania.