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A few weeks ago, we published a real-life case study with the UBA bank and asked our students to propose the missing features for the UBA mobile banking solution and suggest strategies that can bring the UBA business model to the next level, for the winning entry.

We expected students to rise to the challenge, and you certainly did, submitting dozens of original and creative proposals and took the opportunity to present your work in front of the competition committee comprised of CIT professors and UBA executives, particularly Mr. Amel Kovačević, CEO of UBA Bank.

The representatives from both institutions had a challenging time choosing the award winners since there were so many interesting proposals.
▪︎The winners of this competition are:

  • The first-place winners: Alfred Istrefaj, Arbri Balili, and Skerdi Shkoza.
  • The second-place winners: Dorian Hajdari, Dea Peka, and Julian Muslia.
  • The third-place winners: Greisa Kalbaj, Kamila Hyka, and Megi Menga.

Congratulations to the winners and special thanks to everyone who participated and shared their enthusiasm and bright ideas with us. Even though you did not win the financial prize, you still have the opportunity to join the UBA implementation team during the summer break. UBA specialists will select the best candidate from among you to carry out the project.

We take pride in our students and look forward to ensure that they are all established with optimal jobs with our partner institutions and connections!

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