CIT is dedicated to preparing students with skills based on quality education, values and ethics, and critical and analytical thinking oriented towards problem-solving, creativity, innovation, and leadership, which they will use to shape their lives, careers, and society at large.

During October – November 2022 students had the opportunity to enroll in their desired Bachelor’s and Master’s programs at the Canadian Institute of Technology by applying and attending registration week.

On the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year, as it marked the beginning of another education journey, we organized a welcome ceremony for freshmen students.

As the first steps of the academic and personal experience at the university, the students had to adjust themselves to the new atmosphere, both physically and emotionally.

During the event, we took the chance to introduce our Academic Staff, since there will be many challenges on the journey ahead, however, with incredible effort, our staff beat in the same heart and made this year successful and a breakthrough.