Open lecture from Prof.Galatro, University of Siena, Italy. May 2017

Open lecture from Prof.Galatro, University of Siena, Italy. May 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]On Wednesday 31 May was invited for an open lecture Italian professor Dr.Vincenzo Galatro from University of Siena, Italy.
He visited CIT to speak about Mozart’s Brain Secrets: A New Theory on Intelligence.
One of the greatest challenges of science and neuro-scientific research is the understanding of the arcane mechanisms and laws governing the activity and functioning of our mind. The professor Vincenzo Galatro, in collaboration with the University of Siena (Italy), has conducted an innovative and original research on Mozart’s brain, which has become a successful book titled “The Secret of Mozart – a New and Revolutionary Theory “.
The professor. Vincenzo Galatro presented this innovative research for CIT students, in an exclusive in a nation.
Mozart’s secret is the crown of innovative research in the field of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, to explain – theoretically and practically – the neurological mechanisms and mental processes underlying the extraordinary minds in the field of music.
Scientific research director is Dr. Vincenzo Galatro, who has conducted pioneering studies and research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience.
The main object of the research is the brain of Mozart, a commonly used musical intelligence model that has made it possible to develop a neurological algorithm that can enhance the cognitive faculties associated with learning music and convey this knowledge to increase general learning abilities and in various fields of knowledge.
The theory of intelligence formulated by Dr. Vincenzo Galatro – unique and new in the world – reveals the cognitive processes and thinking strategies used by W. A. Mozart.
The professor Galatro has devised a revolutionary method for learning music, and with its discoveries has opened new application scenarios in various fields of scientific, medical, neuropsychological, technological and computer science research.
The method conceived by Dr. Galatro goes beyond traditional teaching and learning methods, enhancing the potential of the human mind through music.
Dr. Vincenzo Galatro has published his method in the original and innovative book “The Secret of Mozart”.

Also Dr. Galatro with CIT professor Vaso Qano took part in an interesting interview at CHANNEL ONE television, where they explained in details the “New Theory of Intelligence”.

For more please find the full video below!


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