Master of Science in

Telecommunication Engineering

Telecommunication Engineering is a specialization that’s combine between electrical and computer engineering (hardware and software engineering) to design and implement telecom systems, where a student spends two years full-time of the pleasure of science, knowledge and creation in CIT. The aim of telecommunications technology to transmit information (signals, fixed images, videos, and data etc.) from Point-to-Point or from Point-to-Multipoint through the free space or cables: (fiber optics, coaxial, and twisted pair cables) while maintaining the quality of transmitted information. Master degree program in Telecommunication Engineering at CIT offers modern theoretical and practical knowledge such as networking IPv6-based for fixed and mobile network environment, LTE, LTE-A, 5G networks, and new generations of optical communication systems, Discrete-event Simulations Methodology, Information Systems Analysis and Design.


four semesters

Tuition fee

2500 Euro

Admission Requirement

Bachelor Diploma

Application Deadline