Highlights of Financa 5 Training for CIT Alumni

Highlights of Financa 5 Training for CIT Alumni!

On two last Saturdays, 17th and 24th of April, a group of CIT Alumni participated in the training of Financa 5 delivered by PhD(C) Gjergji Tafa at CIT premises. Upon the completion of the training, certificates were handed to participants.

We believe that learning never stops, therefore, we take care of our graduated students to ensure that they will play a crucial role in our society.

The purpose of this training was to endow the students with the necessary skills for organizing the accounting of a business entity. This program is a good solution for linking accounting, which is the basic of the activity of an entity, with informatics. These types of informative systems make it easy for a company to keep records of its transactions and also to generate important reports. It makes the information easier, safer and more appropriate.

We take the chance to thank PhD(C) Gjergji Tafa for his contribution, and the office of Alumni as well for organizing such a valuable course for our Alumni!