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The UBA mobile banking business case competition.

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A unique opportunity to participate in a real-life case study with the UBA bank. Mobile banking presents a technological as well as a business challenge.  UBA Bank is starting to implement digital tools in communication with private and business customers.  Among those tools is a mobile and internet banking application for individual and business customers that will contain cutting-edge features.

Take this opportunity to propose the missing features for the UBA mobile banking solution and suggest strategies that can bring the UBA business model to the next level. Your objective during this contest is to analyse and add features to existing mobile and web applications taking into account UBA’s business model. As an outcome we expect you to propose the marketing strategy that is built on this contest objective.

The main expected deliverable is the document explaining your solution. We suggest you also make a presentation for the idea pitch day and make your idea more presentable.

Therefore, join a multidisciplinary team that is capable of both technological and business-critical thinking. You can act alone or in a team with up to 3 team members.

UBA and CIT are willing to award the first three best solutions with 600, 400 and 200 EUR awards. The Award committee will involve CIT professors and UBA professionals.

Even if you did not win the money price, there is an opportunity for you to join the UBA implementation team during the summer breaks. UBA experts will pick the best among you for the project execution.

Time schedule:

Start of competition – On the 23rd of March, 11h in CIT premises, your tasks will be explained. After this event, you start to work on the solution. If you have any additional questions, you can ask them using the [email protected] e-mail.

Mentoring- On the 28th of March, 11h in CIT premises, the UBA and CIT experts will be available to all teams for consultations. You can use this moment to evaluate your work on-site and do some last-minute changes.

The delivery day- On the 4th of April, before 11h, we will collect all documents from all teams and prepare evaluations.

The final event- On the 4th of April, you will present your work in front of the competition committee. The best three teams will be awarded.