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Turkish Scholarships 2020

The Turkey Burslari is a governmental scholarship offered by Turkish universities to students from all over the world which includes all the programs for Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degrees.

It is one of the most famous international scholarships and it is known for its high acceptance rate, as it accepts nearly 5,000 students annually.

Registration for the Turkish scholarship begins on January 15, 2020 and will continue until February 20, 2020. The scholarship has announced its terms.

Submission is made exclusively through the link https://turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/. Manual or postal submissions are not acceptable, and it is free of charge.

Your smart students are kindly requested to apply for this scholarship, especially if they are coming from poor families so that we may get some exceptions for acceptance if possible.

Enclosed are the details required for admission thru dropbox:

Turkish Scholarships 2020


• Türkiye scholarships are open for citizens of all countries.

Minimum Academic Criteria:

• Bachelor’s degree applicants: 70%.

• Health Science (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy) applicants: 90%.

• Master’s and PhD degree applicants: 75%.

Age Criteria

• Under the age of 21 for Undergraduate programs

• Under the age of 30 for Master programs

• Under the age of 35 for PhD programs

• Under the age of 45 for Research programs

Scholarship Covers:

1. Monthly Stipend:

• Undergraduates level: 700 (Turkish Lira) TL per month

• Masters level: 950 TL per month

• PhD level: 1400 TL per month

• Research Scholarships: 3000 TL per month

• Turkish Language Summer School Program: 500 TL per month

• Turkish Language Program for Public Officials and Academicians: 2000 TL per month.

* Research Scholarships only covers a monthly stipend.

** Turkish Language Summer School Program covers monthly stipend, accommodation, health insurance, social and cultural activities.

*** Turkish Language Program for Public Officials and Academicians covers; monthly stipend, accommodation, transportation expenses, social and cultural activities.

2. Tuition fee.

3. One-off return flight ticket.

4. Health Insurance.

5. Accommodation.

6. One-year Turkish language course.