We paid a visit to the UBA Bank!

We paid a visit to the UBA Bank!

A group of students and lectures of CIT visited the UBA Bank to receive a touch of the real-world practice. It was a mind-expanding discussion connected with different perspectives.

Firstly, the Head of Risks Management Unit at UBA Bank, Doriana Kapllani, explained to them procedures of understanding the risk at the first place, and building a strategy to mitigate it after.

Secondly, the Executive Director focused on the challenges that the banking industry is facing in Albania and elsewhere. Furthermore, CEO of the Bank, Amel Kovacevic, shared his vision for the deeply-rooted values of a bank system and the mission of UBA Bank.

Finally, the discussion was followed-up by a coffee break; where students, lectures and bank staff and executives had a freely conversation regarding different matters worthy of interest.

We take the chance to thank the representatives of the UBA Bank for this kind welcoming; and we are looking forward to solidness of our partnership!